Fieldwork Collaborative Projects  is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit  dedicated to increasing cultural activity in the Chicago region.  Working beyond the confines of the art museum or gallery, we organize performances and curate exhibitions to extend latent socio-cultural potential within the region’s existing networks and spaces.   Our interdisciplinary work has transformed underutilized spaces, re-programmed spaces habitially used for sport and recreation into platforms for cultural activity and civic engagement, or installed unexpected activities or points of view to expose the unseen, unconsidered, underestimated or overlooked potential of a particular place.
Fieldwork connects communities, cultural institutions, park districts, public housing authorities, and public schools with artists, curators, designers, urbanists, and other professionals from a wide range of disciplines. Our projects are both temporary and long term. Each invites participants to re-imagine the city’s cultural real estate and invent, develop, and rehearse new working protocols.

Fieldwork is also transdisciplinary by design.  We are artists with backgrounds in architecture, urban planning and anthropology; we are researchers, critics and curators with backgrounds in institutional administration.
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