“Public Park” / “Park District”

This mini-documentary will be part of a series. Our first installment, entitled “Public Park” will focus on Humboldt Park, a site where we have been engaged in various projects including the Jensen Formal Garden project.  We see Humboldt Park as a specific site and context but also part of a larger network––the enormous system of public parks that makes Chicago unusual in the world.

After Puerto Rico's hurricane, many families arrived in Chicago as evacuees. One of the first places they went to is the Field House in Humboldt Park. There they received medical assistance, coats and winter gear, CPS information, translation services, and safe housing assistance. During the month of November 2017, the Field House assisted a large number of evacuees. Fieldwork received generous support from the Chicago Architecture Biennale for the production of this work.

The larger series, entitled “Park District,” is a research tool for collecting and understanding the simultaneous scales, dimensions, and phenomenae in the Chicago Park District’s network of cultural real estate. 

It is a free, accessible, web-based video archive that can be mixed and remixed to generate stories from many points of view and points of entry: cultural, economic, natural/ecological, psychological, historical, educational, political...

It is an interactive online documentary and communication tool designed to not only support Fieldwork’s public exhibitions but also nourish offline collaborations and partnerships with artists, researchers, collectives, communities, institutions and civic authorities.

Rhizomatic Documentary (In Progress)


Jon Satrom, Studio Thread

Partner Organizations:

City of Chicago Park District
Chicago Architectural Biennial
Humboldt Park Garden Club

Supporting Organizations:

Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts

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